Rencontre assyriologique internationale 61

and Archaeological Research in Iraq, are becoming regular appointments in the programs of the past years. Submit a translation. Go to point. Edited by Leonid. Kogan, Natalia Koslova, Sergey Loesov, and Serguei Tishchenko. Studying Gender in the Ancient Near East. You will find a box where you can enter remarks on your translations; but please keep comments to a minimum and give the original Akkadian only when necessary (such as when no adequate translation of a term is available). We will find a way to connect them. The committee also organized the first-ever Assyriological pub quiz in the history of the Rencontre. Submission, scroll down and click submit. Laith Hussein (University of Baghdad and Prof. Other sessions dealt with different aspects of cultural transfer throughout ancient Near Eastern civilizations: ideology and authority, landscape and geography, rituals, magic and medicine, grammar, and much more. Diacritics may be used where necessary (please, see below for details before submitting). There is room to give bibliographic data on where a full study can be accessed. Monday evening saw a screening of Edubba A ( /baf_35_mm/ ) a cinematographic adaptation of a Sumerian text about school life. In Word) can be pasted directly on the template and should not be sophisticated in formatting. Copy your translation into the appropriate field. Give it a title (compulsory, but it can be changed later). (1 (2 (3) to indicate footnotes. rencontre assyriologique internationale 61

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